«Sacred Cacao Ceremony»

with Jyl Kutsche


a little different this time

Sat, 15 September 2018

2pm – 5pm

CHF 80,–

CHF 140,–

Save CHF 20,– if you book this workshop together with «Supporting the Craniosacral Rhythm with Yoga» on the same day.

Es ist mir eine besondere Freude, Jyl bei uns willkommen heissen zu dürfen. Normalerweise unterrichtet sie nur in den USA und in Peru, wo sie ihre Liebe und Faszination für Kakao immer wieder hinziehen. Und heute wird Jyl diese Faszination mit uns in einer Kakao-Zeremonie teilen. Jyl ist ein aussergewöhnlich warmherziger Mensch. Und natürlich ist sie eine wunderbare Yogalehrerin. Jyl versteht es, Yoga und Kakao auf bemerkenswerte Weise zu verbinden. Sie weiss unglaublich viel über Kakao, vom Anbau über die ursprüngliche (heilige) Verwendung bis zu den besten Sorten Schokolade. Peru ist ihre zweite Heimat geworden. Oft ist sie im Dschungel unterwegs und arbeitet mit den Bauern direkt zusammen. Heute werden wir eine Yogastunde der besonderen Art erleben. Das solltet ihr Euch nicht entgehen lassen! Jyl unterrichtet in Englisch.

Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Cacao (ka-kow) is a Sacred and Medicinal plant and an ancient teacher and facilitator that assists you with the journey into your heart. Cacao was known to the Ancient Mayans as a powerful heart opener and potent healer.

Chocolate is widely known as an aphrodisiac and this understanding of how it opens our hearts is by no means new. The Aztecs often spoke of Cacao as ‘yollotl, eztli’, meaning “heart, blood”. Western science reinforced this by giving it the scientific name Theobroma Cacao, which means “The Food of the Gods”. What else would the food of the Gods be but love?

Raw cacao is also the most powerful antioxidant in the world, and is the ONLY known food where you will find therapeutic levels of magnesium and the chemical Anandamide, aka the LOVE chemical. (In Sanskrit, Ananda is translated as ‘bliss’) It results in feelings of pleasure and euphoria and also plays a role in moderating pain perception and memory of pain as well as improving consciousness and creativity as it increases blood flow to the heart and brain by up to 40%.

Cacao, when used with awareness, gives us time and space away from the busyness of the world & an opportunity to go on our own inward journey. Cacao is a gentle plant medicine, acting as a vasodilator on the smooth cardiac tissue, so literally it helps to open our heart. As the anatomical heart space is opened, it creates an opportunity for our energetic heart to open as well, offering us an doorway into the places deep within where healing is needed; but it will not push us through until we’re ready.

The ceremonial work I lead uses many tools for us to commune with the spirit of the Cacao. I tend to begin with an overview, as many people are new to working with plant medicine and/or ceremony. To me, all ceremonial work comes down to intention, so allowing some time before we drink the cacao to pause, get quiet, and set an intention (or prayer, question, offering, etc). Every ceremony looks different & I customize my plan for the ceremony based on the space and student requirements & interests, but all usually contain a combination of the following: drinking of the cacao (there are alternatives to actually ingesting the cacao for those who are sensitive or on medications which don’t allow for them to drink), guided & silent meditation, breathwork, gentle grounded movement, mantra & sounding, deep rest.



Senior Prajna Yoga Teacher


is a Senior Instructor of Prajna Yoga and her primary influence continues to come from Tias & Surya Little. She has received both her 200 hr & 500 hr certifications through their school; and she is one of the first graduates of the SATYA (Somatic Awareness Training for Yoga Attunement) training, which draws heaving from the work of Moshe Feldenkrais and Thomas Hanna in a way that has been modified to illuminate an asana practice.Currently dividing her time between the United States and Peru, Jyl leads workshops and ceremonies around the world. She brings an interdisciplinary approach to her teaching, combining form & flow with therapeutic somatic movement in the Vinyasa, Hatha, and Therapeutic classes & workshops she leads. She was also the Lead Instructor of the 200 Hour Teacher Training at Dallas Yoga Center, where she was able to continue to expand her love for this transformative practice by sharing it with those hungry to go deeper.

In Sanskrit the word Prajna means ‘deep wisdom or insight’. Tias describes Prajna Yoga as a ‘style-less style’, where the yoga should fit the student, and not the other way around. A firm believer in yoga being a practice for everyone and anyone, Jyl co-founded the Austin-based non profit organization, Community Yoga Austin, in 2010 and is passionate about modifying the practice of yoga so that anyone interested may have the opportunity to experience it’s healing benefits. She has brought yoga to prisons, schools, veterans, recovery centers, shelters & senior centers; and has trained with Street Yoga, Little Flower Yoga, Bent on Learning, M.D. Anderson Integrative Medicine & The Prison Yoga Project. She is also certified to teach prenatal & postpartum yoga.

She is a Licensed Massage Therapist who is currently studying Visionary Craniosacral Therapy with Hugh Milne, Visceral Manipulation, and Zen Shiatsu with Yoshi Nakano. And she is passionate about using plants and food as medicine. And as an extension to Yoga. The food/plant nearest and dearest to her heart is her beloved Cacao. Her exploration of cacao as plant medicine has turned a lifetime chocolate addiction into a profound part of her life’s journey. In Peru she has been able to make a long-time dream a reality through her work with cacao farmers and indigenous healers.


Jyl’s yoga comes from a place of warmth, creativity and humility. She has a keen eye for the body and is skillful at guiding students inward toward their very center. Without I doubt, I recommend Jyl for her gifted touch and wise directions.

Founder, Prajna Yoga

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We recommend Hotel Dom in the old town of St. Gallen. It offers workplace and apprenticeship training positions for 55 handicapped persons, and it’s just a cosy hotel. It is only a short walk to our studio, located directly at the UNESCO world heritage St. Galler Stiftsbezirk.

Please indicate the code  «Yogahlada» when you book at this hotel, to benefit from favorable conditions.

You might also want to check out AirBnB in St. Gallen. There are quite a few cosy appartements to rent!


Hotel Dom

Hotel Dom



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