«Prajna Yoga: The Fluid Body»

February 20-25, 2018 with Djuna MASCALL

Session II

of the Prajna Yoga Teacher Training

February 20-25, 2018

Tue – Sat, 8am – 5pm
Sun, 8am – 1pm

CHF 980,–

After Session I, “From the Ground Up”, of our 200h Prajna Yoga Teacher Training we got so much positive feedback that we decided to open up Session II and III as well. Djuna Mascall is such a gifted teacher and will lead us again through an amazing, life changing deep yogic journey through body and mind.

We know that signing up is a big commitment. Not only financially and timewise, but in the very first place it is a commitment to deepen your own personal practice. You can join us for both Session II and III, or just for session II. However, for attending Session III it is a prerequisite that you have either attended Session I or Session II beforhand.

prajna_logo_small The Fluid Body


This session is an in-depth study of the hands, arms and shoulders relative to the diaphragm and pranayama. We reflect on myths from the yoga tradition that relate to rivers, the ocean and the fluid body.


The Fluid Body begins at the third chakra and the kidney/adrenal region.  We investigate the importance of hydration and fluidity within the body. This course is an in-depth study of the upper trunk including the sternum, shoulders, arms, diaphragm, brachial plexus, heart/lung and carpal tunnel.  We include mobilization techniques to free the ribs, spine, shoulders and hands in the SATYA training. Asana sequences emphasize arm balance preparations and shoulder openers. We teach back bends, inversions and arm balances. Much time is devoted to the shoulder girdle and practicing poses that serve to align the shoulders and reduce strain in the rotator cuff area. In addition, we continue our study of the Five Sheaths of connective tissue that spiral around the trunk and pass through the arms. We study the nadis, meridians (from Chinese Medicine), Ayurveda marma points and chakras that relate to the arms and upper trunk.

This week we introduce the foundation of pranayama practice, while introducing ways to sensitize the diaphragm, ribs and lung tissue. The primary theme for the week is water and the fluid systems of the body. We look at the fluid pulse (spanda) that animates the cosmic cycles of creation/destruction, particularly through the powerful metaphors of ocean and river. As we explore the cosmic themes of water and life, we detail the circulation of blood, lymph and cerebral-spinal fluid through the body. We  investigate the power of myth (from the mythology of Vishnu) and in particular the teachings on maya, or the illusory nature of the visible world. We read chapters from Herman Hesse’s Siddhartha while investigating the teachings on karma, inter-dependency and nonjudgmental awareness.

You will receive a complementary Prajna Yoga training manual on the first day of this Session. Please see Recommended Reading for a list of recommended texts. It is not necessary to bring these texts with you to the Session. However, being familiar with the content prior to arrival will facilitate a better understanding of the material covered in class.

Teacher: Djuna Mascall, 45h

Djuna Mascall

Senior Prajna Yoga Teacher, E-RYT 500

Yoga Journal October 2012Djuna Mascall is a rare teacher who illuminates yoga through intelligent sequencing to allow the body, mind, and heart to open. She is a Prajna Yoga Senior teacher and gracefully integrates her extensive knowledge of anatomy, alignment, and the wisdom of yoga. She was featured in Yoga Journal in August 2012 and graced the cover of the October 2012 issue.

Her primary influence comes from her ongoing work with Tias and Surya Little, and Mary Paffard. She offers Prajna Yoga in the U.S. and internationally.

Djuna’s teaching is inspired by her connection to nature and the sea; she sailed across the Pacific in a small engine-less sailboat and is the first woman on record to circumnavigate the Alaskan Kenai Peninsula by kayak.

Please find further information about Djuna on her website, illuminatingyoga.com.

About Djuna and Prajna Yoga

Djuna at Yogahlada

The Body Awake, Ep 3: Djuna Mascall

von Liam Bowler

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Accomodation in St. Gallen

We recommend Hotel Dom in the old town of St. Gallen. It offers workplace and apprenticeship training positions for 55 handicapped persons, and it’s just a cosy hotel. It is only a short walk to our studio, located directly at the UNESCO world heritage St. Galler Stiftsbezirk.

Please indicate the code  «Yogahlada» when you book at this hotel, to benefit from favorable conditions.

You might also want to check out AirBnB in St. Gallen. There are quite a few cosy appartments to rent!

Hotel Dom

Hotel Dom



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