«Masterclasses with Djuna Mascall»

February 23 and 24, 2018

Join us

and get to know Prajna yoga

We’re thrilled to give this rare opportunity to join us for practicing with Djuna in our ongoing 200h teacher training, i.e. the session

The Fluid Body

We know that many of you couldn’t afford to take a week off. So take your chance now! And for our teacher training students this will be an opportunity to learn how to implement the teachings into a class setting. We have only 9 spots available, so I trust you will understand that your spot is only reserved upon receipt of your payment.

To hold the sacred space we kindly ask you to keep silence while joining us for practice. Please note that class may not end on 11 am sharp. So to really take advantage make sure to be there ’til we are really finished. After class we’ll have a break and you’re very invited to join us for tea, snack and talk. Looking forward to welcoming you soon for one or two of these Masterclasses:

Friday, Feb 23, 9-11am

Saturday, Feb 24, 9-11am


Yes, I’m in!

If you have never been at Yogahlada before, we need to know a bit more:

I want to take both Masterclasses (CHF 90,-- in total):


I will only join you for a single Masterclass, i.e.:

Friday, Feb 23, 9am - 11am
Price: CHF 45,--

Saturday, Feb 24, 9am - 11am
Price: CHF 45,--

Anything else we should know?

The invoice will be sent to your email indicated above. Thus, please carefully check again to make sure it is correct.

Only 9 spots available, reserved only upon receipt of payment.

I do accept the General Terms and Conditions.


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